I have never met a person who knew who Sade was and didn’t like her music. Her smooth voice and timeless ballads, has made her one of the greatest female singers of all time. Sade’s voice is clear, and distinctive. From the first note, you know a Sade song.

‘No Ordinary Love’ was on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Indecent Proposal.’ It played in the background of the trailer. From that sample, I was curious to hear the entire song. When I did I loved it, and her being a mermaid in the video was icing on the cake. ‘No Ordinary Love’ was released twenty-one years ago. It is still my favorite song.

Nowadays, auto-tune and nakedness make vocal talent virtually unnecessary. I no longer expect ‘quality’ R&B. Chances are, there will be no more Sade’s, Toni Braxton’s, or Michael Jackson’s to imprint us with songs like Smooth Operator, Un-break My Heart, and Human Nature.

It’s a good thing music is forever, and amen for You Tube.



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