Well, well, well. Look who surprised herself. ME!

In diary post number five (It’s been a crazy week) I had close to no progress to report.  I was highly embarrassed, because the point of this feature is to write and edit more.  I managed to turn that negative into a positive – and today I am proud to report that I have worked on five chapters.

Other than shame, I think what helped was that I gave myself a deadline of May 31st 2013, to have this round of edits completed. On May 1st I added a Calendar to my blog (see bottom left). I edit as much as I can, to get this done and done right. My novel means so much to me. Of course I want to be published, but I also want my story to last and be something that I can be proud of.

On Saturday and Sunday I did most of the initial edits. I have gone over this book a thousand times before, and had it edited already. After all of that work and money, it was not ready to be sent out. So, now I’m on my fourth round of edits. I am not angry. Actually, it worked out, because it reads so much better.

When I get back chapters three to five, I will send two more chapters to my friend. She is also writing a novel, and has given herself a deadline that is close to mine. It’s good to have company. Sometimes you need encouragement from someone who has experienced or is experiencing a similar journey.

I am also on the countdown to buy myself a pair of Levi’s jeans. I continue to attend Crossfit and Spin Classes. On Wednesday I was more intimidated than I had ever been in my life. Ninety-five percent of the Crossfit participants looked and performed like athletics. If I could have slid out of the gym incognito, I would have. But the trainer had already seen me, and I didn’t want to assure him that I was a total coward. All in all, I’m glad I stayed. Even though I used the lightest weights and needed help, I finished.

Thus far this blog has been a delight. It has not only helped me to be accountable, but my confidence has improved. Sometimes, in the back of my mind I think my dreams are too big. Then, someone subscribes to my blog, ‘like’ one of my post or comments on a post, and I know that I am on the right path.

There are no guidelines to follow to be published. You have to try everything you can think of. Most days I set aside time to educate myself on building a platform. Social media is excellent. It’s free, readily available and easy to understand. Sometimes I think we forget about ‘old school’ networking like joining writers groups, socializing at library functions and just talking about your project.

Since I had such a good week I want to set my sights higher. Chapter’s five to ten will be completed and I will like to review chapters one to five for the last time, before I send them to Writer’s Digest. To people who do not write, my process might seem tedious, but believe me, if you want the quality of your work to be of standard, you better be meticulous.

I’ve missed my characters. I know you will love them as much as I do. I’m in that phase of the book where so much is going on, and you’re not sure what will happen.

You’d think I didn’t write it lol.


  1. abaseng says:

    better late than never. You continue to grow in all ways pertinent to your accomplishment. This is both admirable and inspiring. As you know, I compose poems daily – it’s almost like an addiction, but one which strengthens good character in style, word choice, imagery, metaphor and the like. I just love to challenge myself with new forms that test my internal discipline. It brings the joy that you so vividly express in this blog. We are writers and as such must also be good readers. In this regard I have just completed reading Beverly Ann Scott’s 2nd book “Is America She Gone?” which is as instructive as it is entertaining in its starkness and sadness. I recommend it to all. I know you will succeed too and will like to be here to share it with you. Be of good cheer – always.


    • I bought The Stolen Cascadura over a year now. I haven’t read it as yet. I’ll start this week. As you know, I’ve met Beverly-Ann, and she’s given me favorable reviews on two of my short stories. It’s amazing to me that you write that offen, but that is who you are, and it’s a great quality.

      This blog has really helped me ‘come out of my shell’ I’m thinking of doing a ‘Get to know me feature.’



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