GE DIGITAL CAMERAThis could be this most somber post I have written thus far. I am so worried and unsettled, I really doubt myself right now. I visited my family this weekend. It was nice as usual. Everyone is happy and in good health. Thank God. My youngest brother is such a wonderful young man. He always makes me smile.

Back to real life, at work and home. I have been struggling to concentrate. I have no energy. I don’t fall asleep, I ‘knock out’ and then wake just as tired, if not more. I’ve been to the gym four times this week. Even there, I am sluggish. Energy drinks that usually work failed me.

I know myself, and these are all signs of stress. But what do you do when you have a full plate and the only spoon you have is from a fisher price tea set?

I’ve been going over the chapters that are finished. This keeps me stagnant. Sometimes I spot errors and sometimes I change the way sentences read. The first three chapters have been ready to be professionally edited for about two weeks, yet no arrangements have been made.

In any event I have set a deadline that I intend to keep. Thanks to everyone who supports me. I’m going through a little ‘I can’t do this’ phase. I just need to breathe, and find my inner superhero.


  1. I used to do that with my writing in the early days. The experts say that you should just plough on through a first draft from beginning to end and not revise until you finish. Otherwise you’ll end up with a perfect chapter one and little else. So why not go for it? Just keep writing and never mind how it is. Just get the ideas down and the rough draft dibe. THEN you can start revising and perfecting it. It worked for me once I figured it out.


  2. Just send that message to the editor you have in mind and get rid of the ms! If you think it’s at the point where a professional needs to look at it, sounds like you are just holding back from getting the final critique. The editor is there to help you. Really. She will give you some much bigger things to change than a few sentences here and there. Go for it, she’ll keep you busy and you’ll be getting that much closer to publication.



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