Writing a LetterHello friends, it feels like it’s been months since I have posted. I took a little break, and now I am working on finding myself an agent. I have written query letters to five agents (haven’t sent them out as yet). I think I found the perfect agent for me yesterday. Since, I have been focused on writing a flawless query letter to her.

You would think that because you are introducing the same story, each letter would be identical. That is not so. If you do your homework, you would see that the submission guidelines on the agency’s websites are general and not tailored to individual agents.

A lot of agents blog and have twitter accounts. Those are good places to find out how they like their letters written. Furthermore, look for articles that they have written, or have been written about them.
It is a tedious process, but you only have one chance to introduce your work, so make them remember you (in a good way). Each agent is different, and a good agent is busy. If you want to be taken seriously, research your agent properly, and edit your letter like it is a legal document. Many of them get turned off by silly mistakes like, spelling and grammar errors. They’ve even complained about writers misspelling their names. That’s just careless.

I’m glad to be back, and to report my journey.
Good luck to everyone, especially fellow writers.



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