From Wattpad to Publication

This post is a post you should read if you intend to publish or maybe you are nervous and reconsidering publishing.

Shannon A. Thompson

Recently, I shared more information about my upcoming novel – Take Me Tomorrow – and that included fan art I received from a very talented fan during the time in which Take Me Tomorrow was posted on

That’s when I received a fantastic question from Taking on a World of Words.


I love this question, and because of Taking on a World of Words, I am writing this blog post today. It will include a backstory as to why I even joined Wattpad, but I promise I will get around to how Take Me Tomorrow went from Wattpad to AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. That being said, most of my events are going to sound like they aren’t connected to Wattpad, but they are, so please bear with me as I describe the events that happened to me over the years of publishing. Yes – years…

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