GeminiYesterday was writer Karen A. Hooper birthday. She has several book including Tangled Tides and Dangerous Depths that are about mermaids. I’ve been following her on Twitter (@Karen_Hooper) for a couple of months and was pleased to learn that she was also a Gemini. Many people in my family are born in June including my mother, nephew, brother and three cousins. In my hometown of Las Cuevas, there are several more Junes.

Just for fun I thought I’d send Karen a horoscope article about the best jobs for Gemini’s because I know that being a writer is one of the careers we are supposed to be good at. I’m neither here nor there about horoscopes, but I’ve read that prediction before. I clicked on the first article on my Google search – Top 10 Careers for Gemini. Number 5 is Novelist/Writer.

I quote:

“At the office they would be considered a sociopath.”

I’ve never heard that description. Strange enough, yesterday I was complimenting my cousin on her medical skills, and she mentioned that Scorpio’s were supposed to be good at jobs like that. I in turn mentioned some of the famous Geminis I knew off and when I searched online to find more I came across Jeffery Dahmer AKA the Milwaukee Cannibal … then today I read that article … Yeah, pretty weird.

Technically, Jeffery Dahmer may be considered a psychopath or to have Borderline Personality Disorder. Oh well, at least he was not born in June.

This post was just for fun. I know crazy does not discriminate.


  1. Eek to Jeffrey Dahmer.
    We have lots of Geminis in my family too! My boyfriend is a Gemini (way too many personalities in one relationship!) I once read that women Geminis are like Tinkerbell (sassy, spirited, stubborn, emotional, moody) and male Geminis are like Peter Pan. (Playful, never want to grow up, can love you one sec then hate you the next.) So that’s what we call each other, Peter Pan and Tink. 😉
    Happy Birthday!


    • I don’t think I could date a gemini because I know that I am moody and that could be annoying to other people, sometimes. Imagine what that would be like for me lol. On the other hand, maybe being kind of similar will help you understand each other better.
      I celebrate for the entire month!!!!!!!



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