approvedYesterday I spent the entire day at home. I wrote a bit, early in the day, then about 9 pm I started working on my book Project which took me into Tuesday morning. I am happy to report that Selima and the Merfolk is finally in production. My assigned Design Consultant has confirmed that my artwork and manuscript have been approved. I expect the proofs in a week.

Writing has been a very long road. I’ve finally put down the manuscript and now putting the book together feels like ten times more work. Printing costs are outrageous, so I anticipate that the book will be available online in hardcover, paperback and Kindle before physical copies are on sale in my country. I have been hunting for affordable quotations for several weeks. There is one quotation outstanding that I hope will be a reasonable deal. Now I understand why so many people do their printing in Asia. However, I am skeptical about quality and legal protection. Also, if there are any problems, it will take forever to resolve them.

All in all this is a great learning experience that will make the second book project easier. Next on my list is to prepare the trailer, invitations, website and an advertisement. As I’ve said many times before, my main priority is quality and affordability so if it will take a little longer to get it right then so be it.



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