If I Know God Is In Control Why Won’t I Let The Man Do His Job In Peace?


This post started out as a Facebook post, but when I went over two hundred words, I decided to post my thoughts on my blog instead. It is just a little reminder for myself and maybe someone else who needs to be reminded that worrying makes no sense.

Apparently something is faulty with the plumbing for my water tank. I came home to coughing pipes. Of course, I had no indication that I had been using water from the tank, good thing I didn’t wash down the yard yesterday. I have a full day tomorrow, so I planned to get started with some of my chores this afternoon, namely wash my hair and do some laundry. I didn’t get frustrated, I just said ‘something again.’ There were other things I could have done by the time – Google Chrome has been giving me some problems, and I had a bit of writing-related work to do. I’ve been taking care of these two things all afternoon. I haven’t watched one show, not even Judge Judy.

The point is I didn’t get as pissed off as I’ve been getting with my seemly ongoing home-owners problems. I just walked outside and heard water pounding, yes it is back, my tank is filling, and I’m satisfied with the work I have done for the afternoon. I just need about an hour to finish reading Green Days By The River, and then I’m cool. I’m doing better, but sometimes I need to be reminded that faith and fear don’t mix.


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