Diary Post 27: Late To Fast, Making My Own Holy Weeks

Easter-rabbit-eggsHappy Easter to all the Christians out there! I am a Christian as well, but I’ve never participated much in Easter celebrations or traditions. After not practicing fasting for about a year, I start again this week. My decision has nothing to do with this week being ‘Holy Week’, there has been a lot of discord at my job and something terrible happened to someone I love. Also, have you ever felt like God was warning you about something and you delayed dealing with it until it was too late? That’s been me for months. I kept saying I didn’t feel like myself, I felt overwhelmed and unfocused and I didn’t do anything about it.

Well, I’m three days into the fast and I’ve decided to start over today because I haven’t been precise with my schedule. I was hoping to fast for nine days and I still plan to but I think that is a bit ambitious when I am this rusty. Fasting is all about sacrifice and appreciating the love of God. I have the desire but if I continue beating myself up every time I am behind schedule by a half hour I’ll never finish.  I think the effort matters until I get it right.

I need to give myself a little time to get accustomed, I actually love to fast, I feel so alive and close to God. So, I’m going to give myself a break and try until I succeed.




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