Winners!!!!!! – Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

IMG_7345On behalf of Poui Publishing and Productions, Mario’s Pizzeria and Paradise Pulse I would like to congratulate all the children who enter our contest.

I know all too well how unnerving it is to have someone read your work. Do not feel discouraged if you did not place, there were a lot of great entries. Your efforts were appreciated and there are more contests to come.

The Winners Are:

1st. Place – Huzayfah Hosein (Home Schooled)

1st. Place – Emily-Jayn Knox (Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s)

2nd. Place – Abigail Pierre (The University School)

3rd. Place – Ivanna Khan (Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s)

Special congratulations to Huzayfah, Emily-Jayn, Abigail and Ivanna. You should be very proud of yourselves. Great job!



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  2. wadadlipen says:

    Congrats, Vanessa. I have some experience with running writing and reading challenges for young people so I know it’s not easy. Kudos to you for pulling it off. Big up to all of the participating writers. I know putting your work out there is not easy – it certainly isn’t for me and I’ve been at this for a while. Congratulations to the winners – enjoy the moment (and the pizza) and keep working on your craft. Open invitation to share the stories on Wadadli Pen, though I know your site has dibs, Vanessa.



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