Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest Begins Again

trini-kids-can-write-2-art-work-screen-landscapeOn Thursday 6th October 2016 Poui Publishing and Productions and Mario’s Pizzeria will launch the second instalment of their Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest. Building on a very successful debut, Mario’s and Poui will once again present an opportunity for children ages 9-12 to win attractive prizes for their short stories.

This is an open contest, which means let your imagination run away with you. Everything will be accepted: Fables, folklore, science fiction, comedy, BE CREATIVE.

Good luck! There is no harm in trying. The contest is FREE and participants can submit their entries to any of Mario’s 20 locations nationwide or email them to

Be sure to visit the CONTEST page for the rules and an entry form which MUST be fastened to your entries.


This contest is approved by the Ministry of Education.



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