Short Story Contest Launch at Mario’s Pizzeria

These are some of the photos from the second installment of the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Writing Contest. The contest was launched on Thursday 6th October 2016 at the Montrose branch of Mario’s Pizzeria. Children from Holy Family Preparatory and Edinburgh Government Primary School were selected to attend the launch and partake in a mini contest.

Similar to the first contest launch, the children, teachers, Mario’s staff and myself had an excellent time. The creativity of this group of children was very apparent from the first activity, ‘Finish The Story.’ I was impressed at how effortlessly the children were able to develop a complete story, not only spontaneously but with children they had never met. All the activities that followed proved to be just as entertaining and practically all everyone participated.

We closed with the mini contest that was only for the thirty-two children who were in attendance. Two winners will be surprised by Mr. Mario’s, at their school next week.

Please check the CONTEST page for submission details or contact me at for further details.


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