Book Review: Dreams Beyond the Shore

Dreams Beyond the Shore by Tamika Gibson is the 2016 first place winner of the Burt Award for Caribbean Literature.

Dreams Beyond the Shore simultaneously chronicles the life of the daughter of a political leader on the heels of elections in Trinidad and Tobago, and her love interest, Kyron, the son of a shady businessman. Chelsea Marchand wants nothing more than to be a Writer, but her father Dr. Peter Marchand is openly unsupportive of her creative pursuits. He wants her to be a Lawyer, and eventually follow in his footsteps towards the political arena.

Chelsea and Kyron met when they are both in the registration line at the University of the West Indies. Although Kyron is attracted to Chelsea, he initially judges her by her obvious financial security. He, himself, is financially secured, compliments of his father with whom he has no real relationship. Kyron doesn’t learn that Chelsea is the daughter of a political candidate until a few encounters later. In spite of the pressure to keep up appearances, Chelsea forcefully bargains with her father to allow her to date Kyron. She also concocts a plan with her grandmother to pursue her studies in line with her creative passions, rather than study Law.

I enjoyed this book because it showed the viewpoint of both main characters, Kyron and Chelsea. It also demonstrated very accurately how differently a boy and girl can interrupt the same situation. The story became more interesting when both children began to uncover their father’s secrets, one by one. Kyron and Chelsea’s relationship was challenged, as well as their relationships with their respective fathers. Tough decisions had to be made, and both children learn more than they are comfortable knowing.

The plot and the style of writing of this book were new to me. The twists were executed in good timing, and the characters were well portrayed.  I would recommend this book to teenagers and adults alike.

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