Carolyn Correia’s Book Talk and Jazz Event

CC Book TalkMs. Carolyn Correia is a local (Trinidad and Tobago) author who I have followed through social media for a few months. I am yet to read her books, but I regularly look for encouragement in her beautifully written blog posts.

PIEarlier this month and with my best friend in tow, I attended Ms. Correia’s first Book Talk and Jazz event.  It was an intimate event with media, writers and business professions in attendance. She featured multiple performances by jazz singer, Patrice Inglesbirth who captivated the audience with her soothing yet strong voice.

During Ms. Correia’s presentation, she expressed that she had been following me as well. Immediately, I thought of the phrase ‘like attracts like’.

The event was very encouraging and interactive. There were several prizes and the audience seemed to be very engaged in Ms. Correria’s presentation. She was honest, and I think that helps a person be relatable.

I look forward to attending more of these types of events from Ms. Correia and other local authors.

Good job Ms. Correia.

For more information on Ms. Correia visit

Results – Folklore Poll

I will like to thank all the people who took part in my first Things That All Trini’s Should Know Poll. Twenty-nine people took the poll; sixteen choose the correct group of folklore characters.

Imps, Vampires, and Goblins are all folklore/mythological characters, but they are not indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago.

Please visit for descriptions of many of Trinidad and Tobago folklore characters.

I look forward to your participation again when I post another poll on Thursday. Let’s refresh our memories or learn new things about Trinidad and Tobago history and culture.

Folklore Results


Things All Trini’s Should Know – Folklore

Corruption by Jason Jarvis.

Corruption by Jason Jarvis.

Book Review: The Duppy by Anthony C. Winkler

The DuppyI am a huge lover of folklore so when I saw Anthony C. Winkler’s The Duppy, I immediately added it to my pile at the library.  If you are not familiar with Caribbean folklore, duppy is another word for ghost in Jamaica and some other islands.

The Duppy is the story of Taddeus Augustus Baps, a shopkeeper who dropped dead in his own shop. He transformed into a duppy and before being led away by his guide, Hopeton, he witnessed his maid and the gardener steal his money. He is extra annoyed because he was a cheap man.

On his morbid journey, Taddeus tried to believe that Hopeton was taking him to heaven since he swore there was no such place as hell. He met other new duppies who all had guides and a similar experience. When Taddeus entered heaven, it is a village, and he goes to live with a very dominant Jamaican woman who used him to her pleasure and lent him out to her friends when she thought necessary.  Not long after, she was born again into the world and Taddeus inherited her shop. He was always a wretch so he tried to cheat his customers like he did when he was alive; only to realize that they paid him from a money tree in his backyard.

Eventually, Taddeus met God and formed an extraordinary friendship with him. He learned that nothing he’s read in the Bible was true and God is quite humble.

This book was hilarious. I enjoyed it immensely. It should not be taken seriously or be criticized for the religious inaccuracies. The Duppy kept my attention; I looked forward to the oddities that was going to transpire in this weird representation of heaven.

The book has sprinkles of adult situations but it is not explicit. It is actually a school text. I had fun reading The Duppy, I will surely look for more of Mr. Winkler’s titles.

Diary Post 27: Late To Fast, Making My Own Holy Weeks

Easter-rabbit-eggsHappy Easter to all the Christians out there! I am a Christian as well, but I’ve never participated much in Easter celebrations or traditions. After not practicing fasting for about a year, I start again this week. My decision has nothing to do with this week being ‘Holy Week’, there has been a lot of discord at my job and something terrible happened to someone I love. Also, have you ever felt like God was warning you about something and you delayed dealing with it until it was too late? That’s been me for months. I kept saying I didn’t feel like myself, I felt overwhelmed and unfocused and I didn’t do anything about it.

Well, I’m three days into the fast and I’ve decided to start over today because I haven’t been precise with my schedule. I was hoping to fast for nine days and I still plan to but I think that is a bit ambitious when I am this rusty. Fasting is all about sacrifice and appreciating the love of God. I have the desire but if I continue beating myself up every time I am behind schedule by a half hour I’ll never finish.  I think the effort matters until I get it right.

I need to give myself a little time to get accustomed, I actually love to fast, I feel so alive and close to God. So, I’m going to give myself a break and try until I succeed.



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