Results – Trinidadian Authors

With the exception of Stephanie Meyer and George Orwell, all the people on this list are Trinidadians and have done significant things for our country. However, Michael Anthony, Lynn Joseph, Earl Lovelace and Merle Hodge are all Trinidadian authors.

Sharon Millar, Paul Keens-Douglas, V.S. Naipaul, Lawrence Scott and Derek Walcott are also Trinidadian Authors.

George Chambers was the second Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.

Peter Minshall and Brian Mac Farlene are Carnival Artists.

Wendy Fitzwilliams is Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe and Miss Universe 1998.

Results Trinidadian Authors

Carolyn Correia’s Book Talk and Jazz Event

CC Book TalkMs. Carolyn Correia is a local (Trinidad and Tobago) author who I have followed through social media for a few months. I am yet to read her books, but I regularly look for encouragement in her beautifully written blog posts.

PIEarlier this month and with my best friend in tow, I attended Ms. Correia’s first Book Talk and Jazz event.  It was an intimate event with media, writers and business professions in attendance. She featured multiple performances by jazz singer, Patrice Inglesbirth who captivated the audience with her soothing yet strong voice.

During Ms. Correia’s presentation, she expressed that she had been following me as well. Immediately, I thought of the phrase ‘like attracts like’.

The event was very encouraging and interactive. There were several prizes and the audience seemed to be very engaged in Ms. Correria’s presentation. She was honest, and I think that helps a person be relatable.

I look forward to attending more of these types of events from Ms. Correia and other local authors.

Good job Ms. Correia.

For more information on Ms. Correia visit

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