Selima and the Merfolk

 selima_and_the_merfolk-COVER-FRONT-5x8CYMK300 (1)-page-001 Synopsis

After her mother unexpectedly dies, Selima is forced to live with her estranged father in Las Cuevas Bay. Being the newcomer whom no one knew existed, she spends most of her time exploring by herself. While in the forest, she stumbles upon an extraordinary secret that has been hidden for hundreds of years … there is a mystical river, inhabited by merfolk.

Selima is befriended by a beautiful mermaid name Draya. Her life becomes challenging when she and the mermaid’s fiancé, Amarus, fall in love. From then on, Amarus guides Selima in a plan to bribe the Sea King, who is the only one who can grant him legs.

Both Selima and Amarus are very naïve. Their desire to be together has tangled them in a predicament that neither can handle. Selima is at risk of destroying the progress she and her father have made in repairing their relationship, and her stepmother has become suspicious of her daily whereabouts.

An old woman from the village helps Selima in spite of her knowledge of the potential consequences if merfolk and humans were to mingle in any way. However, no one is prepared for the trickery of the Sea King or the price of breaking Draya’s heart.




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  4. Lesley says:

    I read the first two chapters of this book conscious of the fact that I know the author, I felt excited, proud and happy about Vanessa’s product. By chapter three I forgot all about Vanessa and was fully engrossed by Selima. Like any good book that I get my hands on I read some every opportunity I got not surprisingly I finished the book this morning after only receiving it on Wednesday. I’m not one for fantasies but here am I checking the website for info on book two. It was a refreshing read, energizing and engaging just what the doctor ordered to relieve and revive my brain. Thank you Vanessa. You did excellently! I can’t wait for the other books, keep up the good work-albeit hard work- but you definitely possess the drive, attitude and character to be a great author. Cheers!

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  5. Sophia says:

    hi i read this book way back when it was just computer pages stapled together. The final product is perfect and will have you anxious to finish it.


  6. Nicole says:

    Firstly I would like to say that the cover art on this book is absolutely wonderful y artistic and enchanting. That being said, Selima and the Meerfolk is a wonderfully thrilling ride into a bright and colorful fantasy world. It is steeped in Trinidad and Tobago’s rich storytelling and dramatizations and keeps its readers captivated and wanting more. You just want to get to the end, such is the gripping facets of the book, what will happen, what decisions will be made; quite exciting. I can hardly wait for the second installment. Great work Vanessa keep it up.

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  7. Abigail says:

    Okay, a day after I started reading the book, I took a trip to Las Cuevas. I decided to take a walk down the beach with “Selima and The Merfolk” in hand. I’m not sure if this was intentional, but I was BLOWN AWAY by the FLAWLESS geographical similarities. Everything, from the rocks to the river was just as I had imagined it. I could plausibly position the hut that Selima fell off, the rhinestone stairs, where the forest would get gloomy (as the book said) and even where the waterfall could be. It’s really amazing how Ms. Salazar ties everything back to T&T, with places I recognize and experiences I can relate to. As a child these days, all the characters I love are foreign, so its reassuring to see books taking place where I live. I LOVE your book and I hope you continue you write books as good as this one Ms. Salazar! : )

    PS- I first meet you at the Marios/Poui writing competition on May 19th.


    • Abigail, your comment is so beautifully written, you must be a writer as well. I wrote SATM because I’ve always wanted to be a writer and the story of the ‘Fairy’ was something I had to pen. Kids like you make the journey a victory (it took me 3 yrs to write the book 😞)
      I’ve started the second book; your comment is tremendous encouragement to get cracking and finish it.
      Not enough time is an excuse I over use. Your kind review is more powerful than any excuse. I will finish it.

      Thank you. I look forward to reading your entry.


  8. Taylor K says:

    I received the book as a gift from a relative and honestly I am no bookworm I usually never finish books that I’ve started but this was an incredibly beautiful read…it was captivating from start to finish!!!!


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