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Book Review: The Color of My Words by Lynn Joseph

colorThe Color of My Words is a children’s novel based in the Dominican Republic. The protagonist is twelve year old Ana Rosa.

Ana Rosa uses a Gri Gri tree as her vantage point to look out at the world and use her imagination. She is determined to become a writer, enough so that she steals a notebook to write her stories when her parents are unable to buy her one.

Her relatively simple life takes a disastrous turn after her community learns that their government intends to sell their land. The shock of such news immediately shifts Ana Rosa’s attention from a recently exposed family secret. However, there is a silver lining behind her very dark cloud.

This novel was a great read. I especially loved that every chapter began with a short poem that I could understand. The unexpected twists kept me interested and I expect that it will hold the attention of a child in its age group as well.