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Winners: Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

Congratulations! Nathan Pierre, Hosanna Perreira and Ariel De Gannes.

Please visit my site tomorrow for photos of the winners and much more.


1st. Place – Nathan Pierre

The Great Find

2nd. Place – Hosanna Perreira

The New World

3rd. Place – Ariel De Gannes

The Girl and Her Shadow

Shortlist: Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

img_0577Hello my young writers and anxious parents:

The following is the shortlist for the Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest. Participants names are listed in alphabetical order.

Winners will receive their prizes on Tuesday 29th November 2016 as schools will be closed for local government elections on Monday 28th November 2016.

1 Ariel De Gannes, 10                                     
  The Girl and Her Shadow
  Holy Rosary Preparatory 
2 Daniel Madoo, 12
  Frankie the Goat 
  Holy Family Preparatory 
3 Hosanna Perreira, 11
  The New World 
  ROSEC Private School 
4 Huzayfah Hosein, 11        
  The Time My Life Changed Forever
  Home Schooled 
5 Jeremiah Forgenie Reyes, 9
  Dunross Preparatory School 
6 Ka Hei Pun, 10
  Storm at Sea
  The University School
7 Khaliah Allan, 11
  Surprise Discovery
  Edinburgh Government Primary School 
8 Nathan Pierre, 12
  The Great Find
  Queens Royal College
9 Nika Tillock, 10   
  The Best Day Ever
  Edinburgh Government Primary School 
10 Tsahal Koo  
  Night of the Soucouyant
  Atwell’s Educational Institute


Ten More Days To Enter The Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

Children between the ages of 9-12 are invited to submit their short stories to any Mario’s Pizzeria or email them to http://www.pouipublishingandproductions.com.

good-luckSubmission Deadline: Friday 11th November 2016

Please visit the CONTEST PAGE for further details.










Short Story Contest Launch at Mario’s Pizzeria

These are some of the photos from the second installment of the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Writing Contest. The contest was launched on Thursday 6th October 2016 at the Montrose branch of Mario’s Pizzeria. Children from Holy Family Preparatory and Edinburgh Government Primary School were selected to attend the launch and partake in a mini contest.

Similar to the first contest launch, the children, teachers, Mario’s staff and myself had an excellent time. The creativity of this group of children was very apparent from the first activity, ‘Finish The Story.’ I was impressed at how effortlessly the children were able to develop a complete story, not only spontaneously but with children they had never met. All the activities that followed proved to be just as entertaining and practically all everyone participated.

We closed with the mini contest that was only for the thirty-two children who were in attendance. Two winners will be surprised by Mr. Mario’s, at their school next week.

Please check the CONTEST page for submission details or contact me at pouipublishingandproductions@gmail.com for further details.

Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest Begins Again

trini-kids-can-write-2-art-work-screen-landscapeOn Thursday 6th October 2016 Poui Publishing and Productions and Mario’s Pizzeria will launch the second instalment of their Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest. Building on a very successful debut, Mario’s and Poui will once again present an opportunity for children ages 9-12 to win attractive prizes for their short stories.

This is an open contest, which means let your imagination run away with you. Everything will be accepted: Fables, folklore, science fiction, comedy, BE CREATIVE.

Good luck! There is no harm in trying. The contest is FREE and participants can submit their entries to any of Mario’s 20 locations nationwide or email them to pouipublishingandproductions@gmail.com.

Be sure to visit the CONTEST page for the rules and an entry form which MUST be fastened to your entries.


This contest is approved by the Ministry of Education.


Winners!!!!!! – Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

IMG_7345On behalf of Poui Publishing and Productions, Mario’s Pizzeria and Paradise Pulse I would like to congratulate all the children who enter our contest.

I know all too well how unnerving it is to have someone read your work. Do not feel discouraged if you did not place, there were a lot of great entries. Your efforts were appreciated and there are more contests to come.

The Winners Are:

1st. Place – Huzayfah Hosein (Home Schooled)

1st. Place – Emily-Jayn Knox (Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s)

2nd. Place – Abigail Pierre (The University School)

3rd. Place – Ivanna Khan (Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s)

Special congratulations to Huzayfah, Emily-Jayn, Abigail and Ivanna. You should be very proud of yourselves. Great job!


Shortlist – Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

IMG_7171Congratulations to the fourteen children  who have been shortlisted for the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest.

Winners will be announced on Monday 4th July 2016 and not June 30th as previously advertised. We apologize for this delay but it could not be avoided due to overwhelming participation.

The shortlist for the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest is as follows.

1 Exchange RC School Zane Romain
2 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Emily-Jayn Knox
3 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Ivanna Khan
4 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Isabella Andrews
5 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Ashleigh Spiers
6 Home Schooled Huzayfah Hosein
7 Lucia’s Private School Ariana Marchan
8 ROSEC Primary School Jeremiah Noel
9 Specialist Learning Centre Samara Sookoo
10 St. Andrew’s Private Primary Zachary Martinez
11 St. Andrew’s Private Primary Glovanni Monaco
12 The University School Abigail Pierre
13 The University School Johann Baynes
14 The University School Abigail Smith


1 2 9