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like-dislike2LIKE: The feeling of fulfillment.
DISLIKE: Knowing that it does not matter how much time and effort you put into your works, you will never please every reader.

LIKE: Positive feedback.
DISLIKE: The suspense of waiting for a critique.

LIKE: The oneness with your imagination.
DISLIKE: When I post something new, I get obsessed with my stats for that day.

LIKE: The ability to create and control a world with words. It’s like writing the pictures in my head.
DISLIKE: Trying to get published.

LIKE: Having conversations with other writers about their works, and being able to understand their thoughts and feelings.
DISLIKE: When I send out a query, and the agent does not respond; not even a rejection.

LIKE: The encouragement and enthusiasm of so many people for me to publish my book.
DISLIKE: Knowing that it doesn’t matter how many rereads I do, I could still make human errors.

LIKE: Knowing that I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do.
DISLIKE: There is no formula to master. There are rules of grammar and punctuation, but a story can be grammatically correct and well punctuated without being the least bit entertaining. The ability to engage your audience is a talent.

LIKE: People assuming my name is Selima (funny).
DISLIKE: Knowing that even if your book is great, a publisher may not give you a contract because they’ve met their quota on your genre, or the theme is not ‘hot’ right now.

LIKE: When I get started, writing is all I want to do.
DISLIKE: When I start writing, I push everything else in my life aside.

LIKE: Knowing that there is always more to learn.
DISLIKE: Knowing that there is always more to learn.