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If I Know God Is In Control Why Won’t I Let The Man Do His Job In Peace?


This post started out as a Facebook post, but when I went over two hundred words, I decided to post my thoughts on my blog instead. It is just a little reminder for myself and maybe someone else who needs to be reminded that worrying makes no sense.

Apparently something is faulty with the plumbing for my water tank. I came home to coughing pipes. Of course, I had no indication that I had been using water from the tank, good thing I didn’t wash down the yard yesterday. I have a full day tomorrow, so I planned to get started with some of my chores this afternoon, namely wash my hair and do some laundry. I didn’t get frustrated, I just said ‘something again.’ There were other things I could have done by the time – Google Chrome has been giving me some problems, and I had a bit of writing-related work to do. I’ve been taking care of these two things all afternoon. I haven’t watched one show, not even Judge Judy.

The point is I didn’t get as pissed off as I’ve been getting with my seemly ongoing home-owners problems. I just walked outside and heard water pounding, yes it is back, my tank is filling, and I’m satisfied with the work I have done for the afternoon. I just need about an hour to finish reading Green Days By The River, and then I’m cool. I’m doing better, but sometimes I need to be reminded that faith and fear don’t mix.


NyokaToday I went to the airport to drop off my wonderful cousin, Nyoka. She has gone back home to America, after extending her stay in Trinidad for an extra week. She was here to help our 94 year old grandmother who has hip surgery.

The month of May has been all about granny. I don’t live close to her, so I have made quite a few trips. No problem though because I know she would do the same for me. I hope I never know what it is to be bedridden or have any sickness. If I were ever sick, I hope that I have Nyoka or someone very similar to her to take care of me. She is patient, gentile and very attentive. The things she has done in these past three weeks will last her in blessings for the rest of her life, even if she never does one more good thing. It takes a special kind of person to care for someone, especially when they are immobile. Nyoka has always been kind and thoughtful, and her relationship with granny is unconditional, but I felt like if the dictionary had video the way she cared for granny would be the visual definition of love. It was extraordinary to witness.

Yes, I helped and so did other family member, still it cannot be denied that Nyoka was on a different level. I realized early on that she wanted to take the lead; I allowed her because I knew her visit was short, and she would not be comfortable unless she had the opportunity to care for granny herself. She was the doctor, and I was the nurse.

Now that Nyoka is gone, and I have to go back to work the process of granny’s care is going to change. Granny has started therapy, and she will have a Home-Care Attendant. Everything will be managed by her very willing son, who can give Nyoka a run for her money. I will, of course, continue to visit and overnight when I can though I will be haunted with the feeling that I need to do everything just as Nyoka did.

What is most important is that granny is improving. She is like a bedridden superman. However, the thing about Superman is that he only stays down for so long and then he is back on his feet saving the world, and that is just want Frances Joseph will do.

Take every opportunity you get to show the people you love that you love them.

Do good even when you don’t have to.