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Shortlist – Trini Kids Can Write Short Story Contest

IMG_7171Congratulations to the fourteen children  who have been shortlisted for the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest.

Winners will be announced on Monday 4th July 2016 and not June 30th as previously advertised. We apologize for this delay but it could not be avoided due to overwhelming participation.

The shortlist for the Trini Kids Can Write, Short Story Contest is as follows.

1 Exchange RC School Zane Romain
2 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Emily-Jayn Knox
3 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Ivanna Khan
4 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Isabella Andrews
5 Holy Faith Preparatory – St. Monica’s Ashleigh Spiers
6 Home Schooled Huzayfah Hosein
7 Lucia’s Private School Ariana Marchan
8 ROSEC Primary School Jeremiah Noel
9 Specialist Learning Centre Samara Sookoo
10 St. Andrew’s Private Primary Zachary Martinez
11 St. Andrew’s Private Primary Glovanni Monaco
12 The University School Abigail Pierre
13 The University School Johann Baynes
14 The University School Abigail Smith


Congratulation to Abigail Pierre from The University School

Congratulations to Abigail Pierre from The University School. She is one of two winners of the Shop Stress contest that was an activity at the #TriniKidsCanWrite contest launch.

Abigail won a Mario’s Family Lime, a Selima and the Merfolk book and a t-shirt.

Things All Trini’s Should Know – Folklore

Corruption by Jason Jarvis. www.jarvisarttt.com

Corruption by Jason Jarvis. http://www.jarvisarttt.com

Camp NaNoWriMo – First Check-in, Day 6

camp-participant-2015-web-bannerThis challenge didn’t start off positive for me. To be honest, I only got my feet wet today. Yes, I started on July 1st but I didn’t put in significant work until today. I got stuck very early in the game because I was unfocused. Then I remembered that I have a major part of the story figured out, almost from beginning to end. I don’t like to skip ahead of chapters; that’s why I was stuck. Incidentally, the style I am using for this book allows me to focus on two different storylines before they merge and continue together, so it is safe for me to proceed with what flows smoothly, for now.

I changed my word count goal from 50,000 to 30,000 words after I corresponded with a few other participants and realized that I set the bar outside of my comfort zone for no reason (hence why I’m behind). November NaNoWriMo is a 50,000 words challenge, I guess that’s where I got that figure. This July challenge allows participants to set their own limits.

I wish I could say this challenge is a warm up to November’s, but I know I won’t be able to participate. Nevertheless, I’m glad to attempt this challenge because I’m starting to feel that feeling I had when I was writing Selima and the Merfolk – Absolute pleasure.