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Missy with puppiesAbout three weeks ago I noticed that my beloved Missy was wider than she normally is. As the weeks went by, there was no way that I could deny her pregnancy. After I complained to everyone who would listen, I accepted that there was nothing I could do about the situation, and besides, I had always planned to line her one time before spaying her. Incidentally, just a few weeks ago her vet told me that she was getting old, and if I intended to line her I should do it soon. I guess everything happens for a reason.

I expected that her due date was close. My intention was to take her to the vet on Monday to find out how close, but she decided to save me a vet bill. On Sunday morning, I gave her a bath and cleaned her kennel. I thought it was a little strange when later in the day she did not run to the front of the house, when I left to walk my sister out. I just thought she was mad because I bathe her. She does not play with me or eat when I do that. Seriously, cold shoulder all day.

The action began about 3 o’clock. I was fifteen minutes into Criminal Minds when I heard a puppy crying. I ran to the back of my house and saw Missy with two puppies in the kennel. Normally, I never leave the kennel door open. I only did that because I was hoping she would finish her food because she was pregnant. In that very moment I no longer felt angry about her pregnancy, all I wanted was for her and the puppies to be okay. I even decided to keep both puppies. Originally, I planned to keep one male and give away the others, however many she had. Missy is so amazing, taking care of her puppies. I feel proud of her and impressed at what dogs can do.

My excitement quickly turned to worry when I check her later and saw three more puppies and then one more. Six puppies in all! What was I going to do?

I’ve since calmed down. Pompeks are favored in Trinidad, I shouldn’t have a problem finding good homes for them.

I got Missy five years ago after a terrible tragedy in my life. She was like my personal psychiatrist, and she gave me the distraction that I needed at that time. Things are great for me these days, but maybe I needed another reason to smile. Even though I was dead set against it, today I am happy that she had the experience.

I don’t know which puppies are males or females. The male that I keep will be named Mister.

Dogs are great! They really know how to put a smile on your face. I hope I could say that six weeks from now.



A few months ago I wrote a post https://selimaandthemerfolk.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/theres-something-about-missy/ expressing love for my dog Missy. I’ve had her for over four years, and she is a joy most of the time.

Missy has full access to my house except for my bedroom. Although she is a very energetic dog, she doesn’t interfere with my stuff except for socks. She is a sock bandit. If I dare leave socks in my sneakers, she buries them under the mango tree.

On Sunday, I noticed that my first bedroom smelt pungent of dog odor. I was too lazy to mop, so I postponed it for later. Big mistake. What I smelt was actually dog urine. Missy peed on my mattress.

I keep a spare mattress in the front bedroom. I should have thrown it out early this year, when I bought a new one to replace it. I kept it so that I could throw it on the living room floor to sleep or watch TV (the new one is really heavy). Ever since I was a child, I liked sleeping on the living room floor. It was like camping to us kids. Now that I am an adult, I sleep in the living room almost as much as I sleep on my bed.

How do I discipline Missy for something like that? I won’t hit a dog, and I’d feel really stupid quarreling with her, after the fact.

Should I count this incident as isolated? She has not peed in the house for years.

What if she does it again? I can’t let her pee anywhere she pleases.


In my childhood home I enjoyed the love of two dogs. Lassie died a few years after we adopted her and Rambo, her brother, disappeared several years later. I did not mourn Rambo as I did Lassie. I saw Lassie die, and I guess I expected that Rambo would come back one day.

Playing Hide And Seek

Playing Hide And Seek

In 2009 I moved to a new home, and decided that I wanted to have a dog again. I was barely settled when a close family member unexpectedly died. Less than two weeks after I bought Missy from a pet shop. Though I was adamant that I did not want a female dog, when I saw Missy, there was no question that she was the pup for me. There was a male puppy with her, who seemed to be more of what I thought I wanted. He was shy and quiet. Missy stole the spotlight, and she’s been doing that ever since.

There are many organizations that use dogs to assist disabled and sick people. I’ve often been fascinated that dogs can be trained to be assistants. In my case, I had no ailments, but when I brought Missy home, I was very sad and depressed. To accept the death of a loved one is a challenge that I’ve always failed at. It is very hard for me, because the people I keep close are irreplaceable.

Missy had me from hello. She is full of personality. If she was a person, she would be an artist. The responsibility of caring for her was a new experience. I never babysat anyone. And when I had the first two dogs, I shared them with two siblings. From feeding her on time, to dealing with poop in my house, Missy was the distraction that I needed. She gave me a reason to smile every day.

The genuineness you get from a dog is unique among any other relationship. People change throughout their lives, but except for a traumatic experience animals are consistent. An animal does not judge or ridicule. That’s why I think pet lovers tend to treat their pets with the tenderness they would bestow on children.

Just A Few Months Old

Just A Few Months Old

Missy’s character in the book is similar to her in real life. She gives the feeling you get on a very hot day, when you hear the patter of rain on your roof. You get happy.

Missy took away my sadness. She never got tired of my cries or confessions. Without her, I don’t know how long it would have taken me to pull myself together. Those are some of the reasons why I’ll always love her just a little extra, and spoil her forever.