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World-flagsFrom time to time I like to look at my statistics. It fascinates me to see all the different countries/people who have visited my little blog. Trinidad and America are by far my most frequent visitors, but I have also been visited by many countries that I had not heard of. Call me unworldly. Geography was not my favourite subject. Oman, Latvia and Qatar are some of the new countries that I have discovered. It makes me think that we are all truly connected, if we want to be.

My blog has been visited over 3,000 times since I created it in February of this year. Although 3,319 hits is not a significant figure in the world of blogging, every view and visitor counts to me. I was fearful when I stared to blog. No one knows me, and I am blogging about writing a book about mermaids. Not the most popular topic. As this year comes to an end, I must say that I am glad that I tried. My only query with myself is that I should have blogged a lot more.

Before the end of 2013, I hope to give you a preview of my book cover or at least open the year with it. I was beyond excited when the artist, Mr. Jason Jarvis showed me his sketches. I am confident that I would love the finished product, and hope that you would too. Sure you can create a cover online, but I chose to invest a little more because I truly want to produce the best book that I can. That’s why I am forever editing, though I know I have to chillax and type ‘THE END’. (NB Haven’t decided if I am self-publishing so I might use the art work for other things).

Last month a few girls ages 12-21 read and review my manuscript. They all loved the story. Two of them pointed out that they wanted to see more development in a relationship. These girls do not know each other, and I too think I could do a little more work on that part. They didn’t expect the ending, and the girl who lives in the community where the story is based recognized the geography instantly. My supporting characters got some favour as well. Most importantly the girls were able to follow the story and understand the journey of my sometimes confused protagonist.

On Saturday I attended a meeting with a writers group I haven’t visited for a long time. They had a lot of new information and projects. It was very encouraging. I will be dedicating some of my time to support and work with them.

I feel positive and very grateful. It’s been a great year.

Expect Selima and the Merfolk the novel to be available in 2014.

Thanks for all the encouragement and support, and all the best for the new year.



I’m beginning to wonder if I could be a pawn in a future ghost story.

Plot …
A girl is a great employee.
She does her job, with limited resources and manages to keep most people happy.
She doesn’t know the company is a living, emotional entity.

The company forms an attachment to her.
It punishes everyone on the compound every time she leaves.
It obstructs the workday until someone calls her, and by extension acknowledges it.
The girl stupidly answers the call, and sometimes even rushes back to work.
She’s on the compound mere minutes and everything magically starts to work again.

On Wednesday, I was forced to leave work early, due to a family emergency. I’ve lost count, but I can’t seem to leave work, without the network and the Internet going down. Not that I am absent often. Sometimes one has to do what one has to do.

The weird thing is that, this problem began when I went on a two-month vacation, late last year. Since then the problem persists. Nine out of ten times this happens when I am not in office.

Could there really be a head office (?).
Is there a spirit, ghost, jumbie, jinn, that has attached itself to me?
Or does it have an interest to me?

These types of situations seldom end well for the poor sap, who realizes too late that she’s offended a being she didn’t know existed, by doing something that is regular for her. Then it obliterates her, and her body is never found.

She becomes victim number one in the new urban legend, ghost story, nancy story, folklore, of the girl who took too much time off.