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20140605_074311[1]I went back to work yesterday, after being on vacation for two and half weeks. Though my leave is recorded as vacation I didn’t do much relaxing. Nevertheless, what needed to be done was done.

It was so hard to get out of bed. I had stayed up late the night before to cook and get organized for work. I beat the traffic and got to my office by 7:30am. As I was walking towards my office, a random driver decided to shout out to me “Show some example!”

Firstly, I do not like people to shout at me, and a random person is even worse, but I had just finished saying my prayers, so I did not respond.  There is a school just before my office, and they play our national anthem every morning, followed by prayers. I of course, being a proud Trinidadian stand at attention for the anthem, but I do not do the same for the prayer. It’s not that I don’t respect prayer, prayer and faith is my foundation. However, as far as I know there is no rule or law that says you have to stand at attention when someone is praying.

20140605_074338[1]I assume this man saw the children standing and though I was walking while the anthem was playing. I thought to myself – what goes through someone’s mind before they do something so disrespectful and stupid? I would never consider doing anything so asinine.

I had brushed off that insult before I got to work. When I walked into my office, I found a big bunch of balloons and a teddy bear by my desk. A wonderful welcome back from my very good friend Wendy. Such a lovely gesture. I’m glad I didn’t let ‘who ever that fool was’ ruin my morning.