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A few months ago I wrote a post https://selimaandthemerfolk.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/theres-something-about-missy/ expressing love for my dog Missy. I’ve had her for over four years, and she is a joy most of the time.

Missy has full access to my house except for my bedroom. Although she is a very energetic dog, she doesn’t interfere with my stuff except for socks. She is a sock bandit. If I dare leave socks in my sneakers, she buries them under the mango tree.

On Sunday, I noticed that my first bedroom smelt pungent of dog odor. I was too lazy to mop, so I postponed it for later. Big mistake. What I smelt was actually dog urine. Missy peed on my mattress.

I keep a spare mattress in the front bedroom. I should have thrown it out early this year, when I bought a new one to replace it. I kept it so that I could throw it on the living room floor to sleep or watch TV (the new one is really heavy). Ever since I was a child, I liked sleeping on the living room floor. It was like camping to us kids. Now that I am an adult, I sleep in the living room almost as much as I sleep on my bed.

How do I discipline Missy for something like that? I won’t hit a dog, and I’d feel really stupid quarreling with her, after the fact.

Should I count this incident as isolated? She has not peed in the house for years.

What if she does it again? I can’t let her pee anywhere she pleases.