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Laugh On Wednesday, I was on a role … or so I though. I found out about an opportunity to be published http://www.wednesdaypost.com.au/ For the better part of the day, my fingers were tap-dancing to the song ‘get your package together.’ Amen they only wanted a short synopsis and biography, along with chapters off course.

By lunch time, I was satisfied with what I had written, and my stomach had begun to demand sustenance. I am one of those people who cannot stay hungry. I bought myself a nice beef soup and came right back to work. All I needed to do was insert headers, page numbers and a cover page. Well, like my grandmother would say ‘the devil busy.’ It took almost an hour to get those three menial changed done. When I finally got everything looking nice and professional, I went to Harper Collins page and met this message:

Please return on Wednesday to make your submission

Have you ever heard a silent scream? Like when someone is paralyzed by fear, the sound doesn’t escape their mouth? That was my scream (I was in the library). I knew I was submitting to Australia, but I totally ignored that Australia is almost 13 hours ahead of Trinidad and Tobago.

At that point, there was nothing I could do but to submit next Wednesday. I was mad at myself because the time difference was a silly oversight. At the same time, I was excited to have started the submission process.

My mixed emotions resulted in me laughing myself out of the library. It was either that or grumble. At least I have everything ready, and will have a chance next Wednesday.


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Last week I completed the fourth edit of my manuscript. I am taking a break from it, and as a result I will not post weekly updates in the Diary of a Writing Woman category. You can however expect articles, reviews, short stories and more.

Perfecting a query letter is my most important task for the next few weeks, and then I’ll check the manuscript for consistency, and any errors I have missed (I have completed the editing process with Writer’s Digest). This does not mean I will hold back on querying. I will do that as soon as I am satisfied with my letter, and I will keep you posted about any developments.

Thank you for your support.
I look forward to your continued visits and comments.

This is a great article on tips for editing http://www.lisatener.com/2010/12/how-to-edit-a-book-how-many-times-should-i-edit/


GE DIGITAL CAMERAFirst things first. I didn’t meet my deadline. I take full responsibly, as it is only through my actions or inaction that I am not finished. However, I am glad that I gave myself a deadline. I would not have gotten this far, in this time period. This is my eleventh week of writing the Diary of a Writing Woman posts. Baring when I wrote the first draft (it took me about four months) I have never done more consistent work.

The last three chapters are outstanding. In total they are 35 pages, double spaced. I will continue editing tonight. I should cut that down significantly, before I retire. I have decided to give myself an extension (not like I have a choice) to finish by next Friday.

I didn’t realize how much I had edited out. The third draft was almost 58,000 words. As of now the fourth is about 52,000. It seems like an excessive amount has been deleted, but as I mentioned I had a lot of exaggerated descriptions.

As far as I know, the recommended length of a young adult novel is 55, 000 to 70, 000 words. I think I should take the time to increase my word count. So far, I am satisfied with how it reads, and I love my storyline. I don’t expect to find much of a reason to expand the closing scenes. Not 3000 words worth. I will only do so if it makes sense, or I’ll have to fit in another scene somewhere.

I’m going to utilize my weekend to write. Saturday for sure. In the week, I am tired when I get home from work. I just want to go to bed.

GOOD NEWS. I’ve sent in the first four chapters to be edited by Writers Digest, and I’ve been assigned an editor. She said it should take about two weeks. As soon as that process is completed, I will write a post on it.

Thanks for the support. I am sorry that I fell short, but I am not wasting time staying down.

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