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A few schools from my country, Trinidad and Tobago, were invited to Scotland. My sister, Alicia, is a teacher at Blanchisseuse Government Primary School. She and our cousin Shaquan ( the boy in the yellow costume, Gold Like The Sun) were chosen for the trip along with about forty other teachers and students. They came back home today. I can’t wait to see both of them to get all the details. Of course, my sister and I were in constant contact, so I already know they had a great time, and they were well treated in Scotland. Now I need to hear her voice because we were only able to communicate via WhatsApp and Facebook.

My sister is a very dedicated teacher; it was wonderful that she and some of her students had that experience to bond them further. Her students love her, and she and Shaquan are very close. I could only imagine they would be even more like bread and cheese. Later this year when she is hard on him while he is preparing for his SEA exams, he’ll remember all the fun they had and he won’t be mad when she gives him loads of homework.

I am so proud that our children represent our country well.
The costumes you see are traditional costumes that our masqueraders have paraded since the 18th century.

Click on the link to enjoy a video of one of their performances.
They are accompanied by music from our national instrument, the Steelpan. Song – Big People Party by Farmer Nappy.

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Thank you Scotland, for being such wonderful hosts to our teachers and students.
I hope we can return the hospitality soon.


20140605_074311[1]I went back to work yesterday, after being on vacation for two and half weeks. Though my leave is recorded as vacation I didn’t do much relaxing. Nevertheless, what needed to be done was done.

It was so hard to get out of bed. I had stayed up late the night before to cook and get organized for work. I beat the traffic and got to my office by 7:30am. As I was walking towards my office, a random driver decided to shout out to me “Show some example!”

Firstly, I do not like people to shout at me, and a random person is even worse, but I had just finished saying my prayers, so I did not respond.  There is a school just before my office, and they play our national anthem every morning, followed by prayers. I of course, being a proud Trinidadian stand at attention for the anthem, but I do not do the same for the prayer. It’s not that I don’t respect prayer, prayer and faith is my foundation. However, as far as I know there is no rule or law that says you have to stand at attention when someone is praying.

20140605_074338[1]I assume this man saw the children standing and though I was walking while the anthem was playing. I thought to myself – what goes through someone’s mind before they do something so disrespectful and stupid? I would never consider doing anything so asinine.

I had brushed off that insult before I got to work. When I walked into my office, I found a big bunch of balloons and a teddy bear by my desk. A wonderful welcome back from my very good friend Wendy. Such a lovely gesture. I’m glad I didn’t let ‘who ever that fool was’ ruin my morning.