The Author

Vanessa Salazar is a Trinidadian author, born in Las Cuevas Village. As a child, her grandfather introduced her to mermaids by convincing her that mermaids lived in a nearby river. Since then, she has loved mermaids and most things mythical.

At age seven, Vanessa moved to Port-of-Spain. She lived there for many years. After secondary school, she pursued several random courses before settling on a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Her original choice, English, was too costly at that time. Instead, she fed her desire to write by enrolling in any available writing courses she could find. Later, she joined the Writers Union of Trinidad and Tobago and then the MFA Creative Writing programme at UWI St. Augustine.

Vanessa eventually combined her desire to share her grandfather’s story with her dream of becoming an author when she succeeded in publishing Selima and the Merfolk in June 2014.


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  3. Gerri says:

    I agree that everything happens for a reason and that we choose our experiences to learn life lessons; or at least, make an effort to learn from them. I really like what you have going on here, so I followed you. Thanks so much for following my blog!


  4. triciatallen says:

    All the best with your book. As a young Jamaican writer, it really warms my heart to see writers in my region pursue their dreams. Looking forward to seeing you reap the fruits of you labour. Best wishes, Tricia.


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