Sacha and friendsMy friend Daniella Sacha Johnson was cast in the play ‘Maria Antonia.’ She invited me, and I attended last Friday. I had never heard about the play. However, she’s been my best friend since I was seven years old so it didn’t matter. I knew she liked ‘theatre,’ and had been cast in a production by Raymond Choo-Kong some years back, but when she said it was for school – University – I expected to have to forgive clumsiness. She assured me that the students would have to ‘bring it’ because the writer Mr. Eugenio Hernandez Espinosa, and director Mr. Jorge Luis Morejón were renowned in their respective fields.

I’ve patronized several plays, all of which I have enjoyed. ‘Maria Antonia’ is the first I have seen that portrayed Afro-Cuban culture. It was spectacular. If I did not know beforehand that the actors were students, I would not have guessed it. I will not expose the plot, but I must say that there were some scenes that would make your eyes bulge at how engrossed those young actors were in their roles.

I intended to highlight my three top actors, but I cannot. I have to choose five.
Ketisha Williams (Cumachela, an old vagrant)
Ketisha perfected the role of Cumachela. She effortlessly switched characters, and was as sinister as I assume she was supposed to be.

Marvin Dowridge (Tino/Iremes) and Syntyche Cindy Bishop (Maria Antonia, daughter of Oshun)
Tino and Maria had the funniest rivalry. She knows how to get under his skin, and he cannot control his frustration.

Daniella Sacha Johnson (Madrina, the godmother)
She looked and acted like a real ‘tanti’ as ‘Trinis’ would say. She was so emotional. If I’m not mistaken I think I saw tears.

lon-lee Farmer (Cadena, bar owner)
Let’s just say she doesn’t understand what ‘NO’ means. If you didn’t remember anyone else in this play, you would remember her.

I really enjoyed this play. It maintained momentum and the story was well laid out, and easy to follow.
I’ll support this production anytime.


  1. Kiel Blondell says:

    Cultural and Folklore stories are one of the few remaining vestiges in our past history that have been passed on and preserved from our ancestors.


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