Two weeks ago I posted an article titled ‘You Belong To Me.’ I was trying to be creative about the ups and downs of IT. This week, constant network issues were not funny at all. For four consecutive days our offices were in turmoil. I stressed about it for the first two and a half days before deciding to leave my burdens down by the riverside. There is only so much I can do. I don’t want stress to prematurely age me. That will never solve a problem, it will create one. I’ve already missed several spin classes. That’s where I draw the line and I don’t mean on my forehead.Wrinkled Face Cartoon

I’ve allowed stressful days to affect my editing. However, it could not be blamed for me not writing this past weekend. I had a lot of free time, yet I did nothing. Procrastination controlled me until I tried to make it right on Wednesday. I want to keep my blog honest, that means sometimes I have to admit when I am at fault. This weekend I was. Normally, I draft my Friday post early in the week and add every day. This week I started it on Thursday. I hope the quality is acceptable.

About six hours of editing, between Wednesday and Thursday has brought me to a comfortable place with chapter three. My routine requires that I leave it alone for a few days, and then review it. I will comply.

On another note, I have noticed an increase in traffic on my blog on the days that I post, and maybe the day after. My twitter account is doing well – two hundred and fifty-nine followers and counting. I want social media to count, so I need to encourage a lot more interest. When I first opened my twitter account I thought no one would follow me. Not many people did until I started Diary of a Writing Woman, and began to tweet. It’s a lot to keep up with, when you have an eight to four job.

A friend has offered me their photography and filming services. I have no skills in either area, so I am quite grateful and excited. Expect a related post in the next few months. I have a reputation of being almost terrified to have my picture taken. When I post them, please be kind, because that’s a really hard thing for me to do. It’s a level of self-exposure that I need to work on. My blog is very important to me, so I will do it. To be honest, I’m afraid of ‘hate.’ I subscribe to a couple of You Tube channels, and just by the disclaimers, I know some of the girls get hurtful, unnecessary comments.

Every hit and every subscriber is a big deal to me. Your support makes me know that my little blog is appreciated. It’s been a month since I’ve had the Diary of a Writing Woman feature. It’s helping me a lot, although I struggle to maintain a routine.

http://wordsfromanneli.wordpress.com and abaseng have been avid supporters. I look forward to your comments. Thank you.



  1. abaseng says:

    I know that looks are important, but when you are naturally beautiful it should matter little when your picture is publicised. When I use mine I often try for it to represent me “at work” of some kind. This, to me, takes away from “looks” and focuses instead on the activity in which I’m engaged.
    We are also not expected to be perfect to our schedule and/or commitments. When spit happens it sometimes guides us to areas where adjustments can and ought to be made. I try not to worry over them as “premature aging” affects even the old.
    Following your blog is an exercise in itself. One which gives me the opportunity to keep abreast with your progress and, importantly as well, to gauge where I am or could be in my own preparation to print my stuff. I say print as “publishing” seems to have false teeth that bite (figuratively speaking) as hard as wrinkles age.
    Somewhere recently I read (I’m paraphrasing and localising) that publishing poetry is like throwing a plum seed over the maracas precipice and listening for an echo.
    I’m happy for and support your effort and will follow you to eventual success. My efforts to forge an identity as a poet are still “under construction” as you have already offered help in certain technical areas, I feel assured of moving forward – at least.
    Thank you and all the best.


  2. Looks certainly do not define a person. At least not to me. Lipstick on a pig is still lipstick on a pig.
    I need to have and stick to a routine, without that I keep doing things by chance.
    Yes, poetry is not very popular. People don’t buy buys books for pleasure like they use to. I believe a good book can succeed, it all depends on what you consider success.
    I look forward to your work being available in print. You have my support and assistance if you need it.


  3. Fabien Fernandez says:

    There was once a little black girl who though she was not beautiful because of her facial features. Took her a long time to get use to be in a room of people much less a camera. This girl was TYRA BANKS. Hybrid868 Photography “Capturing each significant moment”.



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