Check Mark 2Hello my wonderful audience. Yes I am in a great mood today. I have finished editing my book for the fourth time. I plan to begin drafting query letters beginning Monday, and send them out within the month. By next week I should have the five chapters that I had professionally edited, so I will work on them as well.

This weekend will be two days of doing as much of nothing as I can stand. I have to bathe my dog and wash; other than that I plan to catch up on Games of Thrones and Law and Order SVU.

In the coming weeks I want to post more. I have a few ideas. I also want to read The Stolen Cascadura by Beverly-Ann Scott. It’s been months since I’ve read a book other than mine.

I have been lucky to have great support throughout this journey. Diary of a Writing Woman is twelve weeks old today.

THANKS EVERYONE!!!! I could not have gotten this far this without your encouragement.



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