It’s been a while. I didn’t realize so much time had gone by until several of my subscribers asked if I had stopped writing for the blog. For weeks I couldn’t come up with anything worth writing about (pertaining to the diary). My manuscript was edited in August 2013 and I just stopped. I sent out a few queries, entered two competitions and that was it.

 About two weeks ago I was browsing Penguin.com and saw that they were affiliated with a few Print-on-Demand Publishers. That got me thinking … maybe self-publishing could be used as a stepping stone. I researched all of the associated publishers and a few others. At the end, I didn’t think it made sense for me to do anything more than print, get an ISBN number, and e-book format. I was hoping to be impressed or at least intrigued by their advertizing strategies, but none of them offered anything that I could not do for myself, or enlist one of my friends to do.

 Self-publishing is something I had hoped I would never have to consider. But the more I think about it the more I think I could make it work. Strategy is the key to any successful project, so that is what I am working on right now. I am excited with the ideas that I’ve come up with. I have also always been very open to taking advice, and so far it has proven to be helpful.

At this time four young readers ages 12-21 are reading Selima and the Merfolk. With their reviews I will move on to editing, again if necessary. For those of you who regularly read my post you might be saying ‘enough with the editing!’ I want my book to be mistake-free. I need to be a person of integrity. If I want people to buy my book I should do everything I can to produce the best product. It may not be the best of all but it should be the best that I can do.

 However good a writer is, they will always have critics. I know I will be criticized, but I do not want it to be because of silly errors. Not everyone would like mermaids, or the portrayal of the characters, and that is understandable. Millions of people think the concept of vampires is ridiculous, but that didn’t stop Stephanie Meyer from having one of the best-selling series of all time.

 As I revamp my journey I will be posting more frequently on:




 Thanks for the support.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about the self-publishing idea as well as the editing and wanting it to be perfect. I self-published my three novels and am so glad I did. I have control over all aspects of the publishing process and my share of the profits is much more than I would have with a traditional publisher, especially since they do little to no advertising these days. I am a copy-editor as well, so I know the feeling of wanting – no, NEEDING – perfection. I’m not trying to drum up business, but if you would like to contact me, please check out my webpage http://www.anneli-purchase.com


  2. abaseng says:

    Self-editing seems to have advantages of control over your final product, options to have copy-editors help you revise, reviews and marketing ideas. You pay for these services and the foreign market opens to an extent. Reviews, especially for first-time novelists, are important because you want honest opinions that can lead you to, at least, witing a better book next time or, at most, writing a best-seller. You don’t always have to be able to afford everything NOW, but if you budget wisely a lot can be accomplished. I am in the process of self-publishing poems and you know how difficult it is to attract a readership in this genre- abroad and for the first time.
    Best of luck in all that you do.



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