June Writing Tip: Defeating Writer’s Block 2

Some good advice for Writers with Writers Block.

Today, You Will Write

For anyone undertaking the craft of writing, writer’s block may be something you encounter ever so often, depending on whether or not you have established a writing routine. Say writing for at least an hour or two every day. Although I have grown more aware of what it means for me when my writing stops (for example more research needs to be done here or do take a break,) the effect can hamper your creative skills and lead you to discard work that may be almost done. (For times like those distance may be all that is required to get a fresh perspective and for others there are different techniques. Below I will discuss some of the methods I have used to combat this errant visitor, to promptly send him on his way.

Sometimes all that might be needed is a mood changer, for instances like these, listening to music…

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