Goals vs. Resolutions



Photo Credit: tallandsmallevents.com

Let’s face it, this is about the time that most of us have already fallen off the ‘resolution waggon’.

If you are indeed part of this group of balance challenged people,rasied-handthen maybe you didn’t put enough effort into planning your resolutions. This one action, planning, is the difference between a resolution and a goal.

According to Webster, a goal is a place at which a race or trip ends and a resolution is a fixed intention.

A goal has to have a  strategy to get you from one point to the next. It is a journey. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, there are specific changes you must incorporate in your life if you want to see the numbers on the scale go down. You have to change your diet or/and you have to start a regular exercise routine. If you do not make these changes, you are setting yourself up for failure. Doing the same things  can only give you the same results.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not against resolutions of any kind. This post sings to my personal choir. More than anything, I am encouraging myself.  2017 has to be the year that I conqueror procrastination. I  work best when I am in shape, so I have no choice but to pull my elliptical out of retirement. I have to exercise in the morning because if I give myself the entire day to think about it, believe me, I’d only be giving myself more time to make up excuses. Other than procrastination, taking on too many projects, at the same time, is my second most crippling problem. I am a very goal oriented person, but  I have to learn that two finished projects are better the five incomplete ones.

The good news is that 2017 has just begun, you have time. The bad news is that if you are going to start tomorrow remember that tomorrow is not a day of the week. Be specific.

‘I will read every afternoon from 6 pm7 pm‘.

‘I will take the stairs instead of the elevator at work’. 

‘I will exercise, every morning from 4:30 am to 5 am. 

Good luck to all my readers. Set your goals and work at them relentlessly until they become second nature.



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